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third party administration

The SHN Difference

Our Difference
We are a full service health care partner to our clients. As a Third Party Administrator, we can either partner with your HR department or serve AS your HR department in the complete administration of your health care plan. SHN serves over 182,000 individuals and our company continues to grow by serving our clients beyond the capabilities of our competition.

Expert Call Center
Participants can access SHN via a toll-free number. Our phone system is state of the art. Average hold time is less than 45 seconds and all calls can be recorded. Customized reporting can be accomplished with our phone system by communicating your organization’s specific needs to the Account Manager.

  • Providers can also call verify eligibility and obtain claims status.

  • Our eligibility staff averages five (5) years experience and is well trained.

  • We will provide your members with a dedicated unit that will only work with your group. We feel this is extremely important in offering your members the best customer service available in the industry.

  • *State of the Art Phone Systems and System Technology

  • Our organization has extensive experience in customer service; and almost 99% of our call inquiries are resolved during the initial call. We utilize state of the art software which enables us to track each and every phone call that comes into our center. All phone calls are logged and tracked through our inner office codes. This enables us to run a report for you based on your request. Our reports and code lines will be customized according to your requests.

  • A customized inbound call center is created on the behalf of your plan and members. A customized outbound call transfer will be provided with the benefits provider to easily route the calls to the appropriate party on behalf of your participants. Our customized system also tracks benefits for each individual so we are able to assist them with questions on claims and benefits.