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Affordable Health Insurance Ohio

Is affordable health insurance a distant dream?
Can you afford the rising cost of health care?
Can your business find insurance that will meet your company needs?

As a small Ohio business with employees, one of your biggest headaches has to be insurance. Your problems are lining up and waiting to be solved, but luckily there are solutions for Affordable Health Insurance Ohio.

The Solidarity Health Network can assess those problems and lay out all the solutions available to you. You have nothing to lose with a free initial assessment.

The Questions and Problems You Face

You can’t help but be concerned by the facts:

  • Premiums for health insurance on small business plans are rising in Ohio. You are frustrated by your fruitless search for health care coverage that your business and your employees can afford. Is there such a thing?
  • The small print, exceptions, and details of health plans are confounding and confusing. What are they actually offer, and what don’t they cover?
  • As a business owner, the onus is on you to navigate the complexities and confusion of the health insurance industry. What solution is best for your business and the people who depend on you?

You are ready for some straightforward solutions and some peace of mind. That’s where the Solidarity Health Network comes in.

The Solutions Waiting For You

The professional staffs providing administration services for health care at the Solidarity Health Network have provided the peace of mind you’re seeking to nearly two million individuals, for more than two decades of business. With a goal of exceeding expectations rather than meeting them, and with twenty-plus years of being a privately owned company, Solidarity Health Network knows precisely what it is about. You and your employees can benefit from our expertise and experience with a full buffet of services:

  • Support services that go above and beyond the usual for the industry
  • Formation of a VEBA, or Voluntary Employee Benefit Association
  • Prescription subsidies for retired employees
  • Enrollment and eligibility of employees in health care coverage
  • Billing issues
  • Administration of health care claims

‘Instead of navigating the complex world of health care and insurance coverage, you will have our entire team at your disposal, working for you’

Here’s what we can offer…..

  1. We ensure that you can offer your employees the service and insurance options that flex to fit their needs.
  2. We work seamlessly with your own human resources staff in supporting your employees.
  3. We handle the administration of health care coverage and compensation for your employees.
  4. We introduce high tech communication systems that enable us to facilitate customer care in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Track Record and Credentials Speak for Us

You can ask business owners of any of the hundreds of companies, small and large, that have entrusted their employees’ well-being to our care. Here’s what they will tell you:

  • Almost every inquiry is resolved immediately, on the first call or contact. That is because your company will have a dedicated core of team members who are specifically assigned to work with you.
  • Our call center runs on state-of-the-art technology, ensuring solid security of all communication and tracking of every phone call that comes into the call center. Just ask any time for the coded log of your company’s communications with our call center staff. With calls tracked, coded, and logged, we can produce a complete record for you at any time.
  • Our expert call center operators are trained and experienced at connecting you directly and immediately to the manager of your individual account. In addition, the trained and informed staff members on hand can provide verification of eligibility or updates on status of a claim at any time.
  • Solidarity Health Network has passed the SSAE 16 Type Two Audit with flying colors, meaning that we are fully current with every industry standard. You can trust our qualification to service every entity.
  • Solidarity Health Network is fully compliant with HIPAA, passing every audit, including the most recent in this calendar year, completed with a rating of Excellence. We not only know HIPAA regulations, we comply with them without exception.

What You Stand to Gain

Your company is in need of Affordable Health Insurance Ohio; there is no questioning that fact. Your search for that will be at an end when you contact the Solidarity Health Network.

You can look forward to our top notch and personalized customer care, as well as these benefits:

  • Services for account management tailored to your individual company management. You will be assigned to an experienced and dedicated account manager who will get to know your company intimately, and work with you to develop your own health coverage strategy for your employees.
  • Working in tandem with your account manager, you will have an entire service team, including reporting specialist, claims specialist, and a customer service rep dedicated to your account. The entire team will work to analyze your company’s needs and your employees’ needs, enabling your company to engender growth and stability.
  • Due to our working relationships with multiple health care providers, we can offer a wide array of options to your employees. Your people can be sure of having the best in the health care field available to them.
  • Reporting is handled extensively and comprehensively at our end, with all of the reports available to you at a moment’s notice. Our reports allow you to streamline and analyze information in order to control your costs and your organizational management.

You already know that your single most valuable asset is your staff. Offering comprehensive and flexible health care to your employees will enable you to retain the star staff you already have, as well as recruit and attract top players in your industry.

Do not underestimate the importance of Affordable Health Insurance Ohio as a ‘critical component’ of your business plan.

We are on hand to help you provide the very best for your company and your employees.

Simply fill out this quick interactive form or call us at 888-338-7677 for more information, and you can have your options laid out for you and your problems solved. .