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Choosing a Health Care Plan

The State of Employee Health Care Coverage in the U.S.
In the US, companies spend billions of dollars annually to provide medical coverage for their employees. Companies have seen a significant increase in costs in recent years, primarily due to the rising cost of medical care and prescription drugs. These consistently increasing premiums have forced many companies to reduce medical benefits, eliminate medical benefits or require their employees to pay higher premiums and out of pocket costs on their group health insurance plans. The number of companies that are able to offer full premium payment for their employees and their dependents are decreasing every year.

Why is the Right Coverage So Important?
More than 60% of people in the US with medical coverage receive their healthcare plans through an employer sponsored group health insurance plan. Employees consider it as the most important benefit that they receive from their employer. When a company has the right comprehensive group plan to their employees, they benefit knowing their employees are taken care of and in turn usually have a lower staff turn-over rate. In addition, these benefits give you an advantage in attracting and hiring the most qualified employees. Employee retention and attraction, are the two primary reasons it’s critical for companies find and offer the best group health insurance.

How SHN Can Help You Find Affordable Health Insurance for You and Your Employees?
We serve individuals, small and large business owners alike by connecting you with top healthcare providers to obtain small business, group and self employed health insurance quotes that offer complete medical coverage at affordable rates.

At SHN, a licensed health insurance agent will listen and discuss your specific' medical coverage needs. We will review the various options and rates with you to make sure you understand all your choices . After speaking with us, you will know whether there is a plan for your needs or decide that group health insurance isn't right for you. There is no obligation to purchase when you compare rates for your specific small business health insurance coverage or small business health insurance plan. When you feel comfortable with a quality plan and a quote, we will complete your purchase. Best of all, group health insurance rates are regulated by law, so you'll always know you got the lowest rates based on the coverage for your specific needs.

Affordable Group Health Insurance Options
We are a trusted choice in reviewing and planning company benefits. We will find you the right employer sponsored benefit plan that will help you hire and retain the employees you rely on to succeed. Our provider choices include; Aetna, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Assurant, United Healthcare as well as many more. Although there are many choices to consider when looking for comprehensive and affordable small business health insurance quotes, we make it easier for you to choose the plan that is right for you.