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Transition Management
Our Approach

Solidarity Health Network would name a designated transition team to work with the existing provider to transition the eligibility and benefit information. We provide detailed implementation planning and on-site representation during open enrollment (if applicable) and the first several weeks following the effective date of the contract. SHN provides Employee Communication Materials including our standard enrollment materials or coordination of fully-customized packages.

Our transition team would work with a team established by the Plan Sponsor in order to fully coordinate the transfer of services and hold any necessary educational meetings with the employees to inform them of the new service provider and any information they may need with regard to communications and filing claims. We would prepare the enrollment forms, identification cards, Summary Plan Descriptions and any other information necessary for distribution to the employees to inform them concerning not only their benefits but how to obtain those benefits on a timely basis. The transition team would include implementation staff, IT staff and the assigned Account Manager.