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From Hire to Retire: Your Complete Partner in Benefits Excellence

At SHN we are here to simplify the intricate benefits landscape on your behalf. Our goal is to empower you to effortlessly manage every aspect of employer-sponsored plans, ensuring seamless transitions into group retiree coverage or navigate the complex space of corporate benefits packages.


We understand the significance of addressing OPEB liabilities and the intricate balance it requires. 


Our hallmark lies in crafting custom benefit solutions that align with your unique requirements. With us, you can rest assured knowing that your benefits are in capable hands, freeing you to focus on what truly matters - enhancing the health, well-being, and satisfaction of your valued members. 

At SHN, we are all about results. With an unwavering dedication to benefits, our people-centric approach drives superior solutions and services. Expect immediate savings, amplified administrative efficiencies, and the fortification of the benefits your esteemed workforce deserves. With our in-depth guidance and hands-on approach, our clients witness a transformational impact on their bottom line - a substantial up to 50% savings. 

Unmatched Outcomes:

A Promise Delivered

Our Team

At Solidarity Health Network, our journey is all about people - the driving force behind every experience we craft.


We come to work each day, driven by the opportunity to tackle your most complex benefits challenges head-on. 

At SHN, we don't just create solutions; we pave the way for brighter futures and empowered plan sponsors.

Service and Customer Care Team

Doug H.

Customer Service Representative

Matthew M.

Lead Customer Service Representative

Kyle K.

Director of Customer Service and Support

Jimmy B.

Quality Assurance and Customer Care

Jeneen C.

Executive Assistant

Toni B.

Customer Service Representative

Evan B.

Customer Service Representative

Dominic B.

Customer Service Representative

Sales and Marketing Team

Christian Nawrocki Licensed Agent and Benefits Specialist

Virgil Glorioso

Marketing and Social Media Liaison

Joseph Marcoguiseppe

 Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Robert Glorioso

Licensed Labor Liaison

Mike Szczepaniak

Licensed Agent and Project Manager

Executive and Account Management Team

Alexandra (Allie) Szczepaniak

Chief Operating Officer

Anne M. Glorioso

President and CEO

Anthony J. Mangoni

Founder / Chairman of the Board

Kathleen Caudill

Senior Director of Operations

Marie Vitali

 Account Manager and Certified Payroll Specialist

Helen Crawford

Senior Account Manager 

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